Daily horoscope for April 20: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


The expansive, free, and visionary energy the Sagittarius Moon brings will ease any complexities brought by yesterday’s Mars in Pisces planet positioning.

Where you might have felt more conflicted and sensitive, you might feel more relaxed and optimistic today.

However, as the Moon squares Jupiter and Neptune, you might feel some “discontent”, making you more inclined to overcompensate by taking on more or going to excess.

Cafe Astrology said: “We want to grow, improve, and expand, and it may be necessary to push some boundaries now, but it’s best to do so gently.

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“We set our sights high with the Moon in Sagittarius, but if too high, the Moon’s square to Neptune can burst our bubble. Fortunately, we bounce back quickly with this transit.”

The Sagittarius Moon’s influence on realistic Mercury can also work to heighten your sense of perception today.

Tarot.com said it might “force us to take another look at projects we thought were flawless before. “

“The Moon squaring dreamy Neptune can heighten our intuition, but lower our awareness of reality.”

However, once the Moon squares boundless Jupiter, “we’ll receive an opportunity to embrace wisdom, but we could still struggle to focus.”

This planet placement will have a more generally positive influence, as it tends to stir bounds of energy, enthusiasm and strength.

Astrology King said: “The high energy and this aspect definitely need some creative or physical outlet, otherwise, restlessness will build up into aggressive or rash actions.”

Mars symbolises desire, action, energy and war, according to Labyrinthos, which answers for the potential tendency to be more impatient, forceful, rash, and impulsive today.


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However, when the Moon moves into Capricorn at approximately 4.52am, it’ll evoke a much more grounded energy in comparison.

Capricorn energy promotes structure, responsibility, resourcefulness, and self-discipline.

Use this time to set goals as the heightened lucidity this sign provokes will help you see the wider picture, and fire better for what you want to achieve.


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