Deep freeze hits Europe as Spain braces for -9C plunge – weather maps


Areas across Europe have seen fierce storms, with heavy snowfall, strong winds and flooding. Spain’s AEMET has issued a series of warnings for the country with temperatures at night forecast to plummet.

Across Spain, there are alerts for “low temperatures” as the mercury is forecast to plunge as low as -9C in some areas.

Some areas could also see dramatic drops in temperature by as much as 18C.

AEMET warns parts of eastern Andalucia, southern Murcia and most of interior Valencia and Castellon could see the mercury drop from 18C all the way down to freezing within just 24 hours.

Forecasters say this severe cold is forecast to last until Monday.

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In stark contrast, the south of Spain will see balmy conditions by Sunday.

In Murcia, southern Alicante and Cadiz the mercury is forecast to reach 17C on Sunday.

For those in Malaga, Ibiza and Denia, during the daytime conditions will linger around 15C to 16C.

Spain is not the only European country to have been faced with freezing conditions as a storm has left Greece grappling with heavy snowfall and flooding.

Storm Diomedes left severe winds, heavy snow and freezing conditions in its wake.

The storm brought heavy snow to parts of Greece, with the mountain region of Thessaly seeing more than a foot of snow, and Athens also seeing flurries.

The country saw gale-force winds, hail, torrential rain and snow as Diomedes hit.

Temperatures plummeted to 1C in northern Greece, with highs of just 10C elsewhere.

France also saw heavy snowfall in mountain areas and freezing temperatures.


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