‘Defund the BBC now!’ Broadcaster furiously slammed over ‘compulsory tax’ row


Campaign organisation Defund the BBC urged viewers to send a message to the broadcasting company by switching off their radio and television sets in protest. Campaign director Rebecca Ryan believes this is the best way for Britons to show their anger at the licence fee in place for the BBC.

And former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe supported the suggestion for a boycott – declaring the corporation as a “a monopoly funded by compulsory tax”.

Mr Lowe told Express.co.uk: “The BBC is a monopoly funded by a compulsory levy on those with a TV.

“It has become unfit for purpose and is now an unrepresentative cancer at the heart of Britain.”

And Express.co.uk readers have supported the suggestions made by Mr Lowe and the Defund the BBC campaign for the boycott.

Superleaguer wrote: “Boycott this disgusting organisation full of biased WOKE and Remainers who are the lowest of the lowest.”

Grange001 wrote: “In the day when the licence started the BBC was the ONLY (legal) broadcaster so the licence was effectively the subscription.

“Now it is not the only broadcaster and the licence should be converted to a subscription…. NOW.

“Then people who want the service can pay for it.

“Those who don’t, don’t pay. If you want Sky or Netflix you pay a subscription.

“If you don’t want them you don’t subscribe.

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On August 1 2020, the universal free TV licence for over-75s came to an end – meaning the older population would need to pay £157.50.

A tweet from the official Defund the BBC account today: “Boycott the BBC this Christmas!

“Why should you pay for non-stop repeats?

“Switch to on-demand and legally cancel your TV licence to teach the BBC a lesson.”

Bill Jackson also questioned the programmes on offer by the BBC, particularly over the festive period.

He wrote: “As usual the BBC total gave up with Christmas TV.

“There is no longer a Christmas schedule but just the normal schedule dressed up in some tinsel.

“And of course the so called celebrity quizzes and games shows where you have to scratch your head hard to identify any of them.”


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