'Diana's hands weren't clean' Madeley hits back at royal expert as he defends Camilla role


Princess Diana was known to have several extra-marital affairs during her marriage to Prince Charles. Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley claimed that the public has a very one-sided memory of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship. The Princess of Wales’s “hands weren’t clean” when it came to extra-marital affairs in her lifetime, Mr Madeley said as he defended Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall from accusations of being “the other woman” solely responsible for the marriage breakdown.

Royal correspondent at Newsweek Jack Royston told Mr Madeley: “At the time when Charles becomes the King, he is gonna have to forge a really close relationship with the public, and that’s something Charles has done really well, his campaigning on climate change for example.

“One big question mark about Charles has always been whether he has this close relationship with the public and whether he has the Queen’s natural instinct for where public interest lies.”

Mr Madeley said: “Why is it you think, that people have that sort of one-sided memory of what happened all those years ago?

“Because let’s be honest, Diana’s hands weren’t clean in terms of having extra-marital affairs, she had a number.”

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Royal biographer Angela Levin added: “Yes, of course, we are talking about something that happened over a quarter of centuries ago and what could have been right then may not be right now.”

Howard Hodgson, a royal biographer and an acquaintance of the Prince of Wales, told Express.co.uk the particular one-sided storyline about Charles and Camilla’s extra-marital affair is completely inaccurate.

He explained: “When Charles comes to his third [relationship] with Camilla, they are by now both married and both very unhappy, and Patti Palmer-Tomkinson invites them to her house in 1986, and that’s it.

“By that time, Diana has had affairs with 10 people, all of which the public knew nothing about.”

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Biographer Penny Junor later claimed: “[Diana] appeared to enjoy the power she had over [men] telephoning and having them arrive at her bidding and dismissing them when she wanted them gone.”

Diana allegedly told biographer Lady Colin Campbell: “He was having an affair with that woman all along.

“That was the problem. That’s what caused my behaviour.

“Wouldn’t you have been disturbed if your husband was having an affair? No wonder he couldn’t give me the love I needed.”


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