Diane Abbott lashes out at Boris and savages 'crude' ploy to 'buy votes' with popular plan


The Prime Minister wil today give a speech outlining his vision to restore the UK as a nation of proud homeowners. He will set out plans to let lower-paid workers use housing benefits to buy their homes.

Mr Johnson will also extend right to buy for housing association tenants to let those in social housing purchase the property they live in.

It replicates the scheme first implemented by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

But Ms Abbott attacked the Government, describing the proposals as “bad news” for many in social housing.

The Labour MP and former frontbencher said on social media: “Boris announces right to buy for housing association tenants.

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“Crude attempt to buy votes. But bad news for the homeless and other social housing tenants.

“Will strip out better quality housing and mean less social housing overall.”

Ministers have denied that their proposals will reduce the supply, with Housing Secretary Michael Gove promising the Government would ensure a “like-for-like, one-for-one replacement” for any social housing sold to tenants under the scheme.

He said this morning that new social housing would be produced “instantly” to make up for the losses.

Speaking to ITV, he added: “Overall, we want to be in a position where we’re increasing social homes, increasing the number of homes that are there for ownership, and ensuring that in the stock of social homes as people move from renting to ownership so that we replace those numbers as well.”

Despite Ms Abbott’s attack on the Government plans, polling shows housing is increasingly seen by Britons as one of the top issues facing the country.

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A YouGov survey in December 2021 found 81 percent of those surveyed thought housing was a concern in the UK.

There was 16 percent who considered it one of the top three biggest issues facing Britons.

The results represented a five-point increase compared to a similar poll conducted a year earlier.

In his speech, Mr Johnson is set to commit to also tackling the cost of living crisis.

He will pledge to focus his attention on cutting costs for hard-working families.

The Prime Minister is set to say: “We have the tools we need to get on top of rising prices.

“The global headwinds are strong, but our engines are stronger.

“And, while it’s not going to be quick or easy, you can be confident that things will get better, that we will emerge from this a strong country with a healthy economy.”


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