'Dietary principles' Weight loss plan to help you lose and keep off the pounds – start now


New Year’s diets are hugely popular resolutions and they can be great to kickstart a weight loss journey. However, it’s important to avoid fad diets.

Instead, focus on these long-term diet principles from nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr.

Focusing on eating the right proportions of food, and following simple but sustainable rules will be key to keeping the pounds off.

Clarissa told Express.co.uk: “Fad diets and diet plans are often why people end up giving up on their weight loss regime.

“They can be restrictive, unsustainable, and not particularly healthy.

“Often, when people stop following fad diets, they can find they end up regaining any weight lost, or sometimes gaining more.

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Add protein

Protein is key, the expert advised. She said: “Make sure you are getting enough protein, as this macro group helps keep us full and satiated, so we are less likely to snack.”

One sweet treat a day

She added: “Keep sugar low – opt for something sweet only once a day, in one portion.

“And ideally, make these choices wholefood options such as fruit.”

Cook at home

Lastly, cooking your meals yourself and eschewing ready meals is an easy way to hack dieting.

“Cook from scratch when possible and avoid ultra-processed foods filling up your diet,” Clarissa said.

The British influencer behind the app LEAN is renowned for her incredible abs.

She said: “In my app, we have the personalised meal plans and people are amazing at sticking to them.

“But it’s in between the meals people struggle with.

“The other thing – and I do this as well – it’s after dinner. For me, I need something sweet after dinner, even if it is just a peppermint tea or something.”


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