Dillian Whyte's no-shows is giving Tyson Fury a taste of his own medicine


Dillian Whyte’s radio silence is giving Tyson Fury a ‘taste of his own medicine’ ahead of their Wembley bout – but promoter Frank Warren has no reason to be concerned of a no-show, says Johnny Nelson

  • Whyte did not show for the ticket sale promotion at Wembley last month
  • Fury accused his opponent of ‘showing the white flag’ after his non-appearance
  • Nelson believes Whyte’s policy is a sensible one ahead of the April 23 clash
  • Tony Bellew calls Whyte’s radio silence a ‘masterstroke’ in the face of the noise

Tyson Fury is getting ‘a bit of his own medicine’ with Dillian Whyte refusing to play ball ahead of their Wembley bout later this month. 

Challenger Whyte refused to show for the ticket launch press conference last month and has infuriated promoter Frank Warren with his near-radio silence. 

Speaking to Pro Boxing Fans, former WBO cruiserweight world champion Johnny Nelson said that Fury should ‘understand’ the mind games being deployed by Whyte.

Tyson Fury accused Dillian Whyte of waving 'the white flag' after h

Tyson Fury accused Dillian Whyte of waving ‘the white flag’ after he didn’t show last month

Citing Fury’s actions in the build up to his bout with Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg in 2015, Nelson said that Whyte’s antics should not be an issue for him but instead the promoter. 

Nelson said: ‘Dillian Whyte is doing a Tyson Fury on Tyson Fury. He’s not playing ball. He’s doing it at his pace, his rules.’

‘So, Tyson Fury must understand what’s happening there. This isn’t Dillian’s problem, this isn’t Tyson’s problem. This is the promoter’s problem,’ he added.

The Wembley fight marks Whyte's first ever shot at a world title after years of waiting

The Wembley fight marks Whyte’s first ever shot at a world title after years of waiting

With the Wembley bout having sold out to 85,000 in a matter of hours, Nelson said that there was no danger of Whyte not showing but that he was doing the right thing in staying quiet before the big night on April 23. 

‘The fight will go on, the guys will fight. Dillian Whyte is giving Tyson a bit of his own medicine. Remember Tyson doing antics like this? No,’ he said.

‘Obviously, not saying stuff, but doing antics like this when he boxed [Wladimir] Klitschko.

Nelson believes Whyte's radio silence is a good tactic ahead of the fight on April 23

Nelson believes Whyte’s radio silence is a good tactic ahead of the fight on April 23 

‘The idea is to upset the applecart on the other side. So, Dillian Whyte is doing the right thing.’ 

Meanwhile, Tony Bellew echoed Nelson’s sentiments and said that Whyte, who is fighting in his world title bout, was going about the build up in the right manner. 

‘I think the silence from him is brilliant, I think it’s a masterstroke,’ he told iFL TV. 

‘Because all the questions, all the problems and questions are being thrown to Tyson Fury. It’s not fault.’ 



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