Disabled caller stuns host as she refuses to open electricity bills 'I panic and sob!'


Labour MP and LBC host David Lammy has heard from a desperate caller who’s been left too panicked to read bills from her energy company amid soaring costs. Tess from Chiswick in South West London told the radio station that she just “panics and sobs” when confronted with bills from her electricity provider. Tess told Mr Lammy that she was unable to meet the soaring cost of electricity. 

Tess told the LBC host: “So I’m when the electricity bills come through when I see Southern Electric I just panic, sob and I can’t open them.

“Because I know that the amount of electricity I’ve had to use I won’t be able to pay them.

“So I think, well, if you cut me off you cut me off, you know.”

The caller added: “Sorry, I’m getting a bit emotional, because when I heard that the electricity was going up and I knew the amount of electricity that I’d used throughout the eight months and I still am. 

“I couldn’t have done it before, but I’m certainly not going to do it now.”

“What prices are your bill? Tess how much are they?” asked Mr Lammy.

“I’m not opening them,” replied Tess.

“Because I am petrified.”

“We’ve had more than 30 bankruptcies in the sector, we’ve had millions of customers forced to change supplier.

“The cost to the consumer has already been more than £4bn. We haven’t seen any action from the Government or from the regulator.

“There’s an acceptance that there’s a problem.

“But nowhere near enough urgency to find a solution.”


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