'Do what you're paid to do!' Scot erupts at SNP for not 'working together' with parties


Scottish show, BBC Debate Night, erupted into applause after an audience member criticised the leading Scottish party representatives. “Tonight we just seem to be hearing about everything that’s going wrong with Scotland,” argued a young man in the studio audience. His claim interrupted a fierce debate amongst the five Scottish politicians appearing as guests on the show. “It’s all about the fact you can’t work together,” the man shouted down at the Scottish political representatives.

“It sounds like its a childish playground argument every time you try and get something done.”

The Debate Night show had been the set of harsh debates, with the Scottish politicians interrupting and shouting over one another to answer audience and host questions.

“The SNP say this is a great idea,” continued the audience member, “the Conservatives say it’s not.”

The debate appeared to be going round in circles as the speaker added “the Conservatives say this is a great idea, the SNP say it’s not.”

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The audience member pleaded with the politicians to put aside their differences to focus on problems that are truly relevant to Scotland.

“Why can’t we all just work together?” he asked.

The man continued to demand the MSPs “do what you’re actually paid to do and actually do the best for the Scottish people.”

He concluded that it really is as “simple as that” as the audience descended into a loud round of applause in support of his speech.

MSP for Orkney Islands, McLennan, agreed that much political coverage surrounds debates and disagreements, however he did assure audience members that Scottish politicians do work collaboratively.


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