Dog thieves are stalking pets and owners as thefts of Bulldogs and Staffies surge


A total of 215 dogs were stolen in Merseyside between January 2017 and December 2021. The statistics, revealed through Freedom of Information Requests filed by the Liverpool ECHO, showed that bulldogs were the most likely breed to be stolen in the region, with 36 being stolen from homes over the last five years. On average, 43 dogs are stolen each year.

However, 2020 saw a large decrease in stolen pets as a result of lockdown restrictions.

The second most likely dog breed to be stolen is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with 28 being stolen since January 2017.

A total of 11 American Bulldogs were taken in the same time period, making them the third most likely to be stolen.

In joint fourth place are Bull Terriers and Jack Russels, with nine of each being stolen.

German Shepherds, Pugs and Shi Tzus were tied in sixth place.

One incident, which took place in November 2021, saw masked men break into a family home in Fazakerly in Merseyside and steal seven French bulldog puppies.

Speaking to TeamDogs, Janine Walsh said: “Two men were standing at the door, I opened the door thinking it was my son’s friends but saw they were in balaclavas so tried to slam the door and they kicked their way through.

“One took me into the living room while the other went into the kitchen with two bags and took all seven puppies.”

She added: “My seven-year-old son came down as they were taking the pups.

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“Report the theft to the police straight away and make sure you get a crime reference number and insist that your dog is recorded as stolen and not missing.

“Report the theft of your dog to your local authority dog warden and notify your microchip database provider.

“Ask local rescue centres, animal charities and vet practices to keep an eye out for your dog.

“Monitor places thieves may try to sell your dog, like pet websites, pet shops and notice boards. “


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