Dog walker left covered in blood after being attacked by puppy poachers


Gayle Smillie was walking her four dogs in Greenhead Moss Nature Reserve in Wishaw, Lanarkshire. During her Thursday walk, when a woman reportedly tried to steal her Dachshund Tilly.

Ms Smillie claims she was attacked by a woman and her partner before she managed to grab her puppy.

Reports claim she was hit with a strap during the horror incident, but she has since shared her dogs are home safe and “unharmed”.

Now, Ms Smillie has warned other dog walkers to be aware of what’s around and to keep them close.

Pictures she shared on Facebook show the shocking injuries she sustained with blood dripping down her face.

In her post to the Paws and Claws Pet Services Facebook page, Ms Smillie said: “As some of you now know I was attacked today, someone tried to take my wee Tilly and I wasn’t for having it so these are the consequences.

“Tilly and the boys are home safe, very shaken up and subdued tonight but unharmed.

“Vets tomorrow for a quick once over for the girl just to be safe as she was dropped from quite a height.

“I’m ok now, bit sore. This took place in broad daylight up at Greenhead moss, police and locals all informed and action taken.

“We hear about these types of horror stories but never think it will happen to us, keep your dogs close and always be aware of who’s around you.

“Thankfully we are all home safe, never mess with a dog mum!”

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It comes after pet thefts saw a huge spike in 2021, according to insurer Gather.

The company shared data which showed the number of dogs stolen from homes in 2021 was up by around 70 percent compared to 2020.

They found almost 80 percent of dog owners had become more afraid about taking their pets out for a walk during the day.

A staggering 83 percent of dog owners felt less comfortable taking their pooch out after dark.


Gather also found the most commonly stolen dog was the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, accounting for 17 percent of pet thefts in 2021.

The second most common was the Chihuahua making up seven percent of thefts followed by Jack Russells, French bulldogs and labradors.

A majority of the thefts reported, 52 percent, were when the animal was in their front or back garden.


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