‘Don’t be afraid’: How to increase property curb appeal in winter – ‘warmer and safer’


Improving curb appeal of a property is often associated with selling it, but it can also help the home feel more homely and inviting. This is especially important during the winter months, when the days are shorter. Top tips include adding a pop of colour into the home as well as focusing on the outdoor spaces.

Richard Petrie, home expert at Thomas Sanderson, has shared his top tips for increasing curb appeal during the winter months.

He said: “Try new window dressings. Shutters give a classic and polished first impression and look smart from the outside, especially in white.

“It is also understandable that you may want to add a pop of colour to your windows though, so add curtains in bright colours like yellow which will give your home a warm and homely feel, perfect for winter.”

What’s more, curtains can also help keep the cold weather out.

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The home expert added that displaying a welcome mat can also make your home more inviting.

Using the right lighting both inside and outside the home can also help to make the property more appealing and inviting.

This is useful if selling the home as well as making it feel more homely for residents.

The expert said: “The right lighting can make your home look warmer and safer.

He explained: “Although your house may be amazing inside, if the outside doesn’t look great, it could put visitors off.

“Spend time tidying your front garden even in winter by trimming bushes and maintaining weeds.”

This also involves cleaning out gutters around the property.

According to Richard, regularly cleaning them out can help to prevent damage as well as keeping the property looking cared for.

He added: “Hide your bins. Many people have their dustbins in front of their property, especially those who live in terraced houses.

“Bins can be unsightly and can smell which can put potential buyers and guests off if they have to walk past them when they come in and out of your house.

“Try to store your bins around the back of your home or alternatively you can create your own DIY willow screens or invest in a dustbin box.”


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