'Don't tell me how to conduct my business!' Lindsay Hoyle rages at MPs in raucous PMQs


Sir Lindsay Hoyle got tough on Tory MPs in the House of Commons as he threatened to kick them out if they did not behave. The packed chamber was heckling Labour leader Keir Starmer who made swipes at Boris Johnson. Sir Lindsay interjected: “I’ve been elected the chair, I don’t need to be told how to conduct the business.

“If somebody wants to do some direction, I’ll start directing them out of the chamber.”

Later he added: “It’s important I hear, I wanrt to hear both sides.

“I don’t want to hear this continuous chant because if we do, there will be less people on these benches.

“Same on the other side, I expect both sides to be heard with curtesy.”

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He then asked: “Did someone want me to apologise? Someone shouted, ‘apologise’.

“I hope it wasn’t aimed at me.”

More to follow…


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