'Don't tell us we're all maniacs!' Trucker rages at cyclist Vine over Highway Code rules


Jeremy Vine hosted his show on BBC Radio 2 to discuss the new changes to the Highway Code with phone-in callers. Motorist Howard phoned in to share his grievances over the rules of the road in the UK and to answer the question, of whether motorists should always give way to cyclists. The debate is a hot topic as changes to the Highway Code become active in the UK next week. Motorist Howard got heated defending his position with Mr Vine, as he insisted that he gave way to cyclists and always followed the rules of the road.

Mr Vine said: “I’ll give you a classic example Howard of a sort of conflict that this may resolve.

“If you’re cycling and you’re in a painted cycle lane, so it’s not actually got a curb on it, but ahead of you is a car that’s turning left into a road.

“My understanding is as a cyclist you go straight on, the car has to give way, it must wait for you to undercut it before it turns left.

“Motorists go mad if you do that, but they’re wrong too aren’t they.”

Motorist Howard said: “See, you’re making that assumption I use my mirrors, I check who’s behind me, what’s going on etc.

“At the moment in time, if you’re in front of a vehicle you have right of way, a vehicle is a cyclist.

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“I mean one of the problems with this consultation process, 21,000 consultation processes, 16,500 came from the cycling lobby, four out of five.”

Mr Vine said: “But you haven’t answered my question, because I honestly don’t know the answer.

“If you’re cycling straight on and you’re going to go undertake a vehicle, can you not just go straight on, doesn’t the car have to wait?”

Motorist Howard said: “No! because… What they’re doing is…No! listen, no don’t get excited Jeremy I’m sort of agreeing with you here.

“But the driver will look in his mirror and if he sees the cyclist wanting to go on, he will let them go, I certainly would.

“It’s not a problem, most people would do it, so, please, please don’t tar us with we’re all maniacs and idiots and that’s what your particular lobby argument tends to actually put on us.”

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With new driving laws kicking in next week due to changes to the highway code, many drivers and cyclists are unhappy with the new rules they must follow on the roads.

Changes include how motorists use roundabouts and amendments to existing regulations.

The changes have come from the Department for Transport who have funnelled in £338million.

The Department of Transport invested the money to encourage Brits to take up cycling and walking, to help make the environment better.

The introduction of E-Bikes around the UK’s cities in London and Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool have not gone by unnoticeable, as it is now easier to pick one up in most areas in central cities.


But many cyclists already feel the roads are not safe enough for them, and the cycle lanes built into the roads have been described as unusable.

A serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, Peter Lorence said: “One change that should be highlighted in particular is pedestrian priorities at junctions.

“Currently, road users should only give way to pedestrians who have started to cross the road into which they are turning.

Mr Lorence added: “The new Rule H2 of the revised code provides for priority to be given to pedestrians who are waiting to cross the road as well.

“Therefore, if you are looking to turn into a road and a pedestrian is waiting to cross, you are expected to give way.

“We’re concerned that this significant change poses risks to pedestrians who may assert their rights under the new rules, yet drivers may not be aware of this change.

“It is therefore important for all road users to be aware of the new rules, to ensure everyone’s safety and understanding.”


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