'Downright disrespectful' Fury as EV charging point installed just yards from gravestones


Mourners have criticised the local authority for being “downright disrespectful” as the electric vehicle charging point has been installed close to their loved one’s graves.

Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council has defended their decision to install 18 power points around the Cumbrian town including one in the Thorncliffe Crematorium.

The point was installed in a bid to boost green motoring in the area and support the green electric motorists to recharge their vehicles while in the area.

Residents said the charging station could have been placed in a better and less disrespectful place and claim there are dozens of other more appropriate places.

The Mail Online reported one angry visitor saying it was “downright disrespectful”.

They said: “I don’t see the need for it. It could’ve been placed anywhere, even outside the crematorium.

“But not on sacred holy ground where people come to pay respects to their loved ones. It’s so close to graves and a memorial garden.

“People grieving don’t want to see people charging their car up. Who would go up there to charge their car anyway?”

The incident sparked a social media frenzy with some users furious at the council’s decision and others backing it.

One user commented: “No respect at all”.

Musicman, 70, said that it was “very ill thought out” to place the EV charging point at “a person’s final resting place”.

But Chris McGuire said: “It’s a good idea. Think of how many old people drive little electric cars.

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“They go to the cemetery to pay their respects and charge the car up while they are there, what’s the problem? Get with the times haters.”

Local councillor Bill McEwan said he didn’t think the charging point would be located so close to the graves and admitted it could have gone elsewhere.

He said: “It’s not good planning and there are other places it could’ve been.

“It’s a place where people will want peace and quiet. You don’t want people pulling up and charging their car when you’re visiting the cemetery.”

However, council leader Ms Thomson defended the decision and said the charging point would be convenient for visitors who owned electric cars.

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She said: “People are increasingly switching to electric vehicles and it’s important that we make sure those who use them – both residents and visitors to the borough – are able to charge their vehicles.

“Electric vehicle charging points are being installed in ten council-owned car parks across the borough through the Low Carbon Barrow scheme.

“One of these car parks is at Barrow Cemetery”.

Ms Thomson said there had been “no complaints” about the addition of a charging point at the Barrow Cemetery location.

She said: “On the contrary, it will ensure people with electric vehicles now and in the future are not excluded from travelling, often long distances, to attend a funeral or visit loved ones in the cemetery.”


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