Drivers brand speed limiters 'a disgrace' over 'EU rules' and road accident fears


Speed limiters were mandated by the European Union in 2019 and are expected to be introduced in the UK in July. The UK has adopted most driving laws set out by the EU since Brexit as they have been transferred for the ease of manufacturing in the UK and on the continent.

The new technology, known as Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), is designed to warn drivers when they are approaching the speed limit.

Many drivers have reacted with fury since they were passed, citing the problems with the technology when travelling at speed.

One reader, using the nickname DC4, said: “I’ve already had it fitted to my car which you have to turn it on. I’ve tried it once and talk about not fit for purpose.

“The car has GPS, cameras and internet. On one stretch of road, I used it and the car speed dial showed what speed the road is at (off the GPS) as 30mph but the road is actually 60mph.

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Another driver, tockhq, claimed: “Well it’s the vehicle that kills. Bad drivers are 99 percent responsible.

“You could be driving at 70mph, have a blow out, lose control, hit another vehicle sending them off the road killing them.

“Or you could be driving at 30mph and the same thing happens, in essence speed was a contributing factor at 70 mph.”

Many drivers have pointed out the potential safety problems it could cause, with one driver comparing the technology to smart motorways.

Imppy55 said: “We have meant to left the EU so why is our movement still applying EU rules and laws.

“This will be another reason not to vote Tory again.

“They are EU rules but agreed by the UK parliament which is a disgrace.

“These speed limiters are dangerous like smart motorways.”

The regulation was initially approved by the European Parliament in 2019 in a bid to improve road safety across the continent.

The 2019/2044 regulation also mandates all new cars that have already launched be fitted with an ISA by July 7, 2024.

A fourth reader, using the alias Basil Faulty, said that if the audio tone “becomes annoying”, they would cover the camera of the car and disabled the GPS.1545330


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