Drivers warned incentives 'will be needed' as electric cars are 'out of reach'


James Taylor, general manager at Zipcar UK warns incentives have had a “positive impact” on electric cars but “more needs to be done”. He has also criticised the Government’s recent decision to cut the electric car plug-in grant.

“Not simply those which incentivise updating a private vehicle to a newer, less polluting one.

“Car clubs are proven in changing transport behaviour.

“One way of encouraging faster adoption of EVs in car club fleets for example, would be by zero-rating VAT on zero-emission car club transactions.

“Yes, we need to grow the number of electric vehicles on our roads.

They have wanted 23.5 private cars on average is replaced by car club schemes.

They added car club vehicles emit around 25.5 percent less CO2 compared to the average private owned vehicle.

From a financial perspective, Zipcar also claimed car club scheme would be a massive benefit to owners.

They have predicted drivers could save an average of £1,500 per year compared to the running costs of a private vehicle.


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