Drunk driver banned after ploughing into flock of sheep after boozy night out – killing 11


Harry Marriott, 29, hit the animals on a rural road in Ashover, Derbyshire, on October 30 last year. Police officers found what they described as a “horrific scene” following the incident on Alicehead Road. Marriott had driven away from the collision leaving the injured and deceased sheep behind, a court heard.

He later called the police when he got home.

Marriott, of Pinewood Road, Matlock, admitted to failing to stop after an accident, Chesterfield Magistrates Court heard.

He was handed a six-month driving ban and an eight-week curfew.

Prosecutor Angela Hadfield said: “Police described it as a horrific scene – he drove away in his badly-damaged car and called police later when he got home.

“He said he had been out with his father to a few pubs – he had drunk a pint of alcohol.

“He was driving and hit the sheep and simply did not see them. He panicked.”

Marriott, who had no previous convictions and appeared in court with no legal representation, claimed he had had a “number of drinks at his home before police attended”.

He told District Judge Jonathan Taaffe: “I panicked and I contacted the police as soon as I got home, I didn’t know what to do – I’m a bit ashamed of myself.”

However, his explanation was not accepted by Judge Taaffe.

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“It seems to me you chose to drive off and not contact police simply because you had been drinking – that’s what the facts seem to say.

“This is a serious incident because it shows, whatever the cause of this accident, your responsibility as a road user was not dealt with as it should be.

“You left the scene in utter carnage with animals which would have been in distress – there’s only one logical explanation as to why you left the scene.”

Marriott was also forced to pay £85 in court costs and a £95 victim surcharge.


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