DVSA issues urgent safety warning to road users driving on ice this winter


The DVSA warned stopping distances can be “10 times greater” on frosty roads in a major safety risk to road users. They also urged drivers to “keep well back” from cars in front and to take extra care when overtaking others this winter.

Posting on Twitter, the DVSA said: “When driving in icy or snowy weather, drive with care, even if the roads have been treated.

“Keep well back from the road user in front as stopping distances can be 10 times greater than on dry roads.

“Take care when overtaking vehicles spreading salt.”

No Met Office weather warnings for frost and ice are currently in place across the UK.

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He added: “it’s likely you won’t see black ice at all.

“So be particularly cautious on shaded stretches of road, bridges, flyovers and tunnels.

“Anywhere the surface temperature may be lower, in fact.

“Quiet roads are also more likely to be affected.

“If you hit a patch of black ice, don’t panic.

“Keep the steering wheel straight and maintain your speed – don’t hit the brakes.

“Use the gears to slow down if necessary, but avoid any sudden movements that could destabilise the car.”


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