Electric cars 'will' be hit with new car tax changes with pay per mile likely to launch


Richard ‘Moggy’ Morgan, host of Quest’s Vintage Voltage said it was a case of “how” electric cars would be taxed than if they would be. He said it was unlikely fees would be issued directly to the electricity supply.

Instead, drivers were likely to be hit with fees through a black box installed in their vehicles to monitor how much they drive.

Alternatively, he warned a new scheme could use number plate recognition cameras to identify where cars travel to.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “At some point, once that tipping point has been reached, the Government will say ‘right we’ve incentived enough now’.

“Just like solar panels on your roof, that’s stopped, because the tipping point has happened now.

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However, they did warn there was an “issue around revenues” which “will have to be addressed”.

The Treasury has previously warned they could lose up to £40billion through the loss of fuel duty and Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) as more switch to EVs.

Back in 2020, the Department for Transport told Express.co.uk motoring taxes would have to “keep pace with changes on the road”.

They added any tax changes were being considered by the Chancellor and would be announced in “due course”.


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