Electric charging bays in 'serious need' of investment as access 'isn’t possible at home'

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James Taylor, general manager at ZipCar UK, said three was a “serious need to invest in the charging network” to support the Government’s plans for EVs. He warned access to charging bays “isn’t possible” for many drivers at home in a barrier to adoption.

His comments come just weeks after ZipCar’s Road to Electrification sustainability report was released.

The report warned the Government’s 2030 emissions target would be challenging to meet without “urgent investment” in EVs.

Speaking to, he said: “Access to charging, particularly in London, just isn’t possible for many at home.

“And whilst we have seen good growth in the numbers of slow and fast chargers, most people want to maintain the way they refuel their vehicles currently.

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First, they have demanded the installation of 3.500 more rapid electric charging stations.

This would increase capacity in the city from 500 to 4,000 by 2025.

They have also called for the Mayor to promote electric car clubs, where drivers can hire out battery-electric models instead of owning a car themselves.

Boris Johnson addressed charging concerns at last month’s Confederation of British Industry annual conference.

“There is a risk the number of charging points does not keep up with the number of electric cars.

“That’s why we need to see local councils really stepping up what they are doing to prioritise making sure there are charging points.

“Britain has got lots of charging points, but we need to make sure they are all in the right place, making sure there is that coverage.”

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