End the Senate Filibuster

To the Editor:

Re “‘The Senate Is Broken,’ Udall Says in Farewell” (news article, Dec. 9):

Senator Tom Udall said in his farewell address that the filibuster has caused “a deep paralysis.” If even a few Democratic senators refuse to back filibuster reform, the result may be not just further legislative paralysis but the loss of our democracy itself.

Republicans have spent the last decade rigging our election processes to entrench minority rule and prevent government from responding to the will of the people. They have relentlessly attempted to keep people opposed to them from voting, manipulated district lines to maintain legislative majorities, and protected and encouraged the flow of big money, which warps our political priorities and erodes trust in government.

Our nation desperately needs legislation to ensure free and fair elections and to end the influence of big donors. These reforms have passed the House in the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. But there will never be enough Senate Republicans willing to join Democrats to reach the 60-vote threshold needed to break a filibuster on these bills because too many Republicans will simply never agree to unrig a system that keeps them in power.

If we don’t act to save our democracy when we have the chance, we may lose it forever. I can only hope that if it comes down to saving the filibuster or saving our democracy, the choice will be clear.

To the Editor:

For what it’s worth, here are my three New Year’s resolutions for 2021: Obey what the medical profession instructs us to do to overcome Covid-19, promote a return to civility and never utter the name of our soon-to-be ex-president.

Happy New Year to one and all!

Herb Stark
Mooresville, N.C.

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