'Enduring and unquestioning love': Queen felt undeniable 'adoration' for Prince Philip


The pair met when Elizabeth was eight and Philip 13 years old. Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the royal marriage between two people who knew each other their entire lives.

Judi stated: “The Queen’s body language signals with her husband were, throughout their marriage, a very finely- tuned blend of protocol, some nifty status-balancing and quite open adoration.

“When they first announced their engagement, their official photos reflected the very traditional view of male/female roles at that time, with a very dominant, alpha and almost paternal-looking presence sitting over a rather girlish Queen as she gazed through a book of photographs.”

While Elizabeth was 21-years-old when she got married, Judi observed that the photographs illustrated and perpetuated the storyline of “the young girl who formed an instant crush on the dashing but rather older young man”.

The same photographs flattered Philip and boosted his signals of “masculine dominance”.

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However, by their wedding there was a “marked difference”.

“The future Queen’s status was emphasised and protocol pushed Philip into a more second-place position for some of their poses.”

While she looked “very comfortable with her regal positioning and role”, it must be noted that the Queen did look to her husband with admiration, “prone to moments when she gazed up at her husband with an adoring and very youthful-looking smile”.

“Her facial expression perfectly defined the ‘look of love’, with its elements of an excited eye expression, a softening of the facial muscles and a delighted mouth smile that she used only on Philip.


“Like her other body language rituals of regal poise and continuity this facial expression never really changed or diluted over the decades.”

Prince Philip ignited the same feelings of warmth, admiration and excitement throughout their whole marriage, Judi suggested.

“Even their last few photographs together showed that same look of love on the Queen’s face.”

These looks were “a very powerful illustration of her enduring and unquestioning love”.

In a photograph of the couple enjoying a family picnic in 1960 at Balmoral, the family support Philip offered her appeared “inestimable”.

This was despite men not being expected to provide much by way of familial support at that time.

In a group pose where the Queen sat upright, Prince Philip held and played with his son in a fatherly manner that was almost “unique” to him. 

Of course, the Queen lost her husband in April 2021, at age 99.

The recent Christmas and New Years marked her first without her husband by her side in over seven decades.

“In her recent Christmas speech, the Queen told of missing her husband’s laugh, and it is clear from their body language together that he provided the essential gift of an ability to not always take things too seriously in a life built around formality, duty and tradition.”

“The couple did get seen together roaring with laughter, but more often we could see the Queen wearing the faintest trace of a smile as her husband gazed at her with that crinkled and ‘twinkly’ eye expression that looked aimed at amusing her while she was out with him in public.”

These moments of emotional intimacy suggest an unbreakable bond, with mutual understanding and love at the core of their marriage.


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