EU Army plans turbocharged by Von der Leyen as Schengen 'shifts into high gear'


Speaking in Paris for the inauguration of France’s rotating presidency of the European Council, Ms von der Leyen said the EU Commission will work with President Macron to strengthen the Schengen area and launch “Defence Europe”. 

She said: “We will also work on strengthening space Schengen , shifting into high gear on Defence Europe, and deepening our partnership with Africa at our summit in Brussels in February.” 

“We have major projects ahead of us,” she continued.

“The first is that of the climate.

“We are counting on France’s EU presidency to move forward on our 2030 goals, Fit for 55 and a just transition for all.”

She added: “Let’s make Europe a digital powerhouse shaped by our rules and values.

“We have made proposals to promote innovation and confront the platforms with their democratic responsibility.

“I hope France will move quickly on it.”

She also pledged to launch a new “European growth model”.

She said: “We are working on a new European growth model, in line with Next Generation EU.

“Competitive and social.

“I also hope that we will reach an early agreement during France’s EU presidency on the historic reform on the minimum tax rate.”

More to follow…


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