'Everything in life is energy' Woman manifests her ideal life using a dream board


2022 is fast approaching and for many, this is the time to set intentions for the year ahead. Manifesting is the art of influencing and creating your own reality – in effect, becoming the master of your own life. Hayley believes that this power is something that everyone can harness. Will you give it a go before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve?

Hayley is a TV presenter by trade, so when Covid hit, her career took a huge knock.

She exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Ninety-five percent of my work was wiped out. I had no income.

“My work forms so much of my happiness, social life and self-esteem, and these are the kind of things I feed off of.”

With seemingly no control over her life, Hayley moved back in with her parents and waited for the storm of Covid to pass.

But despite this setback, she continued to be grateful and optimistic.

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“Luckily for me I am a positive person, and despite all the things I lack, positivity is something that I have blessed with and I genuinely think it’s been my superpower in life.”

One aspect of her life that she wanted to change was her love life. Her husband cheated on her seven years ago and she had experienced “some really bad luck” ever since.

“I’ve had a lot of heartbreak. I got ghosted on my birthday one year. I didn’t want to think, ‘Why me?’, but I just thought, ‘I’m a good person and I’m running out of time’. My biological clock was ticking and all I wanted was to find a lovely man who wanted to settle down and have a family.

“I’d kind of got to the point where I’d put any hope of a relationship on hold.”

But refusing to relinquish hope, Hayley decided to regain some control by creating a dream board of things she wanted in her life.


Hayley sat down to curate her dream board in January 2021, using pictures from magazines which made her feel good and “inspired” her.

On the board she mapped out her dream life. In reality, Hayley was single and enduring huge financial struggles; in her mind she owned a home in Essex, was a glamorous awards host and even had even bagged a presenting job in Mauritius – all with the love of her life beside her, of course.

She revealed: “I hung it by my bed and made a point of looking at it in the morning and evening.”

Hayley didn’t go out of her way to chase these goals, but trusted in the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking.

“I read the book Psycho-Cybernetics, all about the science of our thoughts and how things can be measured. They looked at water molecules under a microscope. If you talk negatively to the water molecules and swear at them, they form these really ugly, horrible shapes. If you take the same water, and you say loving, positive things, the water molecules change and they look like beautiful snowflakes.”

Skeptics: let the science speak for itself.

Hayley continued: “Nothing in life is solid. It’s all a vibration. Everything. Everything in life is energy. And we’re all interconnected. So it makes sense that if you’re tuning into a positive frequency, you’re going to attract more positivity into your life.”

A few weeks after making her dream board, Hayley matched with Ben on Hinge and they quickly fell in love.

It was only months later that she glanced at her dream board and noticed something uncanny.

A selfie she had taken with boyfriend Ben was eerily similar to a photograph on her dream board of Hollywood couple Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara, right down to the poses.

Overlapping the Hollywood couple was the cut-out phrase “pure comfort”, which Hayley often used to describe Ben to her friends.

It was in that moment that she realised that her dream board was no longer fiction but fact, with the words and pictures on the board suddenly resonating with what was going on in Hayley’s three dimensional reality.

Just eleven months after making the dream board, she had bought a home with the love of her life in Essex, become an ambassador for both a charity and a fashion brand (and orchestrated a collaboration between them), hosted an awards show and even been flown out to Mauritius for a presenting job.

In the coming weeks, she is excited to make a new dream board to map out 2022.

However, Hayley maintains that sticking pictures on a board cannot transform your life if you don’t put in conscious effort and hard work. “It’s not a one stop shop.

“But at the same time, I think having images makes you really clear on what you want, and helps you tune in and remind yourself what you’re working towards.”

Hayley Sparkes, @hayleysparkes, is an ambassador for Blue Vanilla, a fashion brand, and Instant Effects, a beauty company.

She is also an ambassador for the Pink Ribbon Foundation, which raises money for charities supporting breast cancer sufferers. 


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