'Extra fuel is used!' Drivers warned of fuel-wasting speed bump mistake


Every driver knows that speed bumps can be a menace, especially when fuel prices remain high. The constant slowing down and acceleration negatively affect fuel consumption and can lead to motorists spending much more money on petrol and diesel.

However, a trick allows drivers to improve their car’s fuel economy while driving on roads filled with the speed-limiting obstacles.

According to experts at Euro Car Parts, many motorists are unaware that constantly driving at one speed through speed bump-filled roads can massively improve fuel economy.

They said: “Acceleration and deceleration whilst driving can mean extra fuel is used, and this includes driving over speed bumps, so learning how to properly tackle them could save motorists a lot of money.

“Drivers can avoid unnecessary fuel consumption by driving at a constant speed and avoiding accelerating or braking too often in between speed bumps, which is when most fuel is used.”

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“With a Tesco Clubcard, you’ll be able to earn one point for every £2 spent every time you fill up at the supermarket’s petrol station.

“As the nation continues to grapple with the accelerated cost of living, these incentives can go a long way.”

Drivers should also be conscious of how much they are topping up.

Mr Conway said: “Every time you fill up your tank, be sure to only top up what your car requires at the time.

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“A top tip to keep up with your top-ups is to keep a consumption notebook in your glove box or keep a record on the notes app on your phone.

“For every visit to the petrol station, note down how much fuel you put in your car to get from A-B.

“In this ever-changing economy, be sure to record your fuel consumption in litres and not in pounds.”

Lastly, motorists have been reminded to switch the engine off when they can.

Mr Conway said: “Leaving the engine running while a car is stationary consumes more fuel.

“It’s best to switch the engine off in situations where your car is at a standstill such as in heavy traffic or waiting at traffic lights.

“Some newer vehicles are being fitted with stop-start technology which does this automatically.”


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