Fish and chip row explodes over couple who built 4ft fence to stop queues on doorstep


Fed-up homeowners Christine and Stephen Williams, from Alnwick in Northumberland, have decided to sell their home at a huge loss of £105,000.

The couple erected the fence in an attempt to get some privacy and stop the customers from using their window sill to sit and eat their fish and chips.

The 4ft picket fence, built by Stephen, blocked off the path and a layby where customers would often park before going into the shop next door.

Locals branded the dispute “Fence-gate” which went viral on social media last September.

The row has since escalated with Mr Williams claiming one man aimed an airgun at Christine before firing.

Stephen used to run a sweet shop from the property before it closed in 2019 and was converted into a house.

Customers were furious about the fence which they said now meant pedestrians must walk on the road to get to the fish and chip shop.

Staffordshire Live reported one customer saying: “There’s a layby outside the chippy which people use to park before picking up their food.

“The chip shop has been there for years. Whoever bought the house next door must have known that. Sticking a fence up is very petty.

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Mrs Williams said they were already planning to sell the house but after the incident, it has “brought it all forward”.

Homeowner Christine, who works in the care sector, said she had been trolled on Facebook over the fence dispute.

She said: “Some of the comments were awful”.

The 51-year-old spoke about the man who fired at her with an air rifle. She said: “To think the guy who shot at me got away with that. I said to my husband ‘that guy’s got a gun’.

“The minute he aimed at me, Stephen dragged me inside.”

The couple now plan to move 11 miles away to the scenic market town of Rothbury, previously named one of the best places to live in Britain by The Sunday Times.


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