Five interior design trends which will ‘become increasingly popular’ in 2023 and ‘beyond’


On the walls, wavy striped wallpapers can bring height, softness and fluidity to a space, while offering a contemporary take on the traditional stripe. Charlotte Cropper, Lick’s International Colour Consultant, said: “Waves are instantly recognisable. We associate these shapes with water and the ocean, which are known to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Patterns with wavy stripes are the perfect recipe, therefore, for encouraging moments of mindfulness in the home.”

3. Conversational seating

Charlotte said: “Along with the rise of Shy Tech and the revival of the iconic 70s conversation pit, we predict that curved, convivial seating arrangements will only increase in popularity in 2023. 

“Not only do curved seating set-ups encourage us to switch off the TV and engage in conversation with our loved-ones, but their fluid organic forms also bring a welcomed softness to a space. 

“Curved lines and shapes are much softer compared to geometric lines and sharp angles. We feel safer and more protected in curves as they wrap round us like a hug; they’re inclusive and inviting. 

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