'Five years ago – look at Brexit' Emmanuel Macron warns of risk over French election upset


Just over a week before the vote, Mr Macron invoked the Brexit referendum result in his speech as far-right leader Marine Le Pen rises in the polls, tightening the race between the two contenders.

On Saturday, he told a crowd of supporters: “The extremist danger today is even greater than it was a few months ago, a few years ago.

“Don’t believe the commentators or the opinion polls who say it’s impossible, unthinkable, who say ‘the election is already won and it’ll all be fine’.

“Look at us, look at you, five years ago. People said it was impossible. Look at Brexit and so many elections where the result seemed improbable but did actually happen.”

He added: “The danger of extremism has reached new heights because, in recent months and years, hatred, alternative truths have been normalised.

“We have got used to seeing on TV shows antisemitic and racist authors.”

The polls predict that French President will come on top in the first round of voting on April 10.

He is then expected to win in the second and final round later in April and beat Ms Le Pen again as he did five years ago.

However, the opinion polls this time predict a much narrower victory, which some attribute to his manifesto that includes tough, conservative measures such as raising the state pension age to 65.

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