Flurona warning: Britons told to urgently get new vaccine as cases grow


People are now being urged to get a fourth vaccine, the flu jab, as well as three vaccines to fight against coronavirus. It comes after Public Health England warned people who contract flu and coronavirus at the same time are twice as likely to die at the start of the pandemic.

Lucy Hubber, Nottingham’s public health director, said: “We’ve been concerned all along with how Covid might interact with other, particularly infectious diseases.

“We know that people who have other underlying conditions, particularly those that affect their immunity or affect their respiratory system, are more at risk of serious illness with Covid.

“As we are in flu season then there is clearly a risk there. What we know is that the flu vaccine is effective and the Covid vaccine is effective.

“This is to see if we can get a combination, single-dose respiratory vaccine.

“It would be just fantastic for patients if you could have one appointment go along and have that jab done.

“Then you’re protected against all of those major respiratory diseases for the winter.

“The benefit for the NHS, and all the vaccination services, and ultimately patients, we think, is going to be huge.”

Figures from UKHSA revealed that of the 8.6 million people in England who tested positive for coronavirus by the end of November, 169 also had the flu.

But fears over catching both illnesses at the same time were played down by Harvard University aerosol scientistProfessor David Edwards.

He told Bloomberg: “The likelihood of catching either virus on any given day is already very low for most people.

“The probability of both of those things happening at the same time is sort of like the probability of getting robbed by two people on the same day.

“It happens, but it’s not like people should think, ‘Oh, there’s gonna be this flurona that’s going to overtake omicron.’ That’s not going to happen.”


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