Fracking POLL: Should UK lift ban on shale gas extraction after Frost's Brexit warning?


Boris Johnson is facing increasing pressure from Tory MPs and peers to end the ban on fracking, which they claim could prevent future energy crises. In a joint letter to the PM, the group pressured him to “reverse this moratorium” which has prohibited the mining of shale gas since 2019.

Lord Frost is reportedly among 30 MPs and peers to send the letter, which urges the PM to make make the UK economy “boom after Brexit”.

According to the Telegraph, the letter was organised by Craig Mackinlay and Steve Baker, chairman and deputy chairman of the Conservative Net Zero Scrutiny Group (NZSG).

The letter reportedly argues that lifting the ban would “allow us to combat the cost of living crisis, level up, create jobs, opportunity and a renewed sense of community in the north, improve our energy security, reduce our reliance on imported gas, stabilise energy and achieve net zero without increasing the cost of living for already hard-pressed working families.”

The call comes after the only company to frack for shale gas in Britain was ordered to seal off the country’s only two shale gas wells near Blackpool.

Lord Frost said: “If our economy is to boom after Brexit, British industry needs a competitive and reliable source of energy which we hold in our own hands and brings investment into this country.

“Shale gas production achieves all this and more”.

He urged the PM to “reverse the moratorium on shale gas and let a British energy renaissance begin”.

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Fracking is fiercely opposed by environmentalists who say it goes against Britain’s commitment to reach net-zero by 2050.

Campaigners say it is distracting energy firms and governments from investing in renewable sources of energy and encourages continued reliance on fossil fuels.

However, the letter organised by the Net Zero Scrutiny Group, stated that shale gas mining would be beneficial.

The group said the Bowland Shale Formation of gas under Lancashire and Yorkshire “offers at least 50 years of cheap and sustainable gas”.

They added: “With the lack of public debate about our strategy to reach net zero, we have abandoned this fundamentally conservative principle… It’s time to reverse this moratorium.”


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