Frank Langella fired by Netflix after sexual misconduct allegations


Frank Langella has been sacked from Netflix’s upcoming limited series, “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

The 84-year-old actor’s role of Roderick Usher will be recast after sexual misconduct allegations have recently come to light, according to Deadline.

An investigation was undertaken and it was discovered that “The Box” star behaved inappropriately on set.

The eight-episode drama is about halfway through production and scenes Langella already filmed will be reshot.

While Langella was not scheduled to film this week, shooting the series will go on with scenes not involving his character until a new actor has been given the job.

The outlet reported that Langella was accused of making ungentlemanly comments to a female co-star.

Poster for "The Fall of the House of Usher."
Poster for “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

TMZ reported that he also touched the leg of a female co-star and reportedly said something like, “Did you like that?”

The series also stars Carla Gugino, Mary McDonnell, Carl Lumbly and Mark Hamill.

The Post has reached out to Langella’s reps and Netflix for comment.

The story is based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe and is created by the “Haunting of Hill House” filmmaker Mike Flanagan and produced by his company Intrepid Pictures.

Flanagan announced the project last December in a series of tweets. The “Oculus” director wrote, “This miniseries is a modern remix of some of the most iconic works of Edgar Allan Poe. To tell this epic tale of greed, horror, and tragedy, we have assembled the largest ensemble cast in the history of Intrepid Pictures.”

11-13-18 Frank Langella at the 48th Theater Hall of Fame supper at The Palm 250 W 50th St Monday night 11-12-18
Langella was accused of sexual harassment toward a female star on the set of the Netflix series.
aubrey reuben

He continued, “This miniseries is unique for Intrepid, we’ve never done anything quite like this before. I’m so grateful to be working with my long-time collaborator Michael Fimognari, who will be directing four of the eight episodes, and my producing partner and executive producer Trevor Macy.”

“We’ll see you on the other side. In the meantime, dim the lights, light a fire, and just imagine a deep voice in the dark, quietly intoning… ‘Once upon a midnight dreary…,’ ” he went on.


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