'Frankly disgraceful!' Andy Burnham slams CAZ critics over false claims about his wife


Critics of Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) have made claims about Ms van Heel’s profesional links to an electric car charging network, which Mr Burnham has slammed as “frankly disgraceful”.

Ms van Heel, who has been married to Mr Burnham since 2000, is the strategy director and managing partner of a marketing and brand agency, with one of her clients Be.EV having a contract with Transport for Greater Manchester to grow the region’s electric vehicle charging network.

Mr Burnham had previously declared this connection at a meeting with the Greater Manchester combined authority in September last year.

However critics of the CAZ have exaggerated the relationship between Ms van Heel and Be.EV to suggest the Burnham family will personally profit from having more electric vehicles in Manchester.

It has been falsely claimed that Ms van Heel and Mr Burnham have shares in Be.EV and that they will receive bonuses from the firm if their profits increase as a result of the CAZ.

Greater Manchester has been on a mission to clean up its air quality by the Government after a 2017 court case.

However, Boris Johnson has expressed his opposition to the scheme.

At PMQs on February 2, he said: “It has become clear that the scheme proposed by the Labour mayor in Manchester is completely unworkable and will do more damage to businesses and residents in Manchester”.

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“More broadly, we do not own any shares in any company and receive no income other than our salaries.

“Given this, some of the claims that have been made about my wife are frankly disgraceful.”


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