Frost and snow may lead to 'difficult driving conditions' as yellow weather warning issued


According to the Met Office “frequent snow showers and icy stretches” are expected which lead to some travel disruption as well as winds of up to 80mph. The wind, snow and ice warnings apply to northern Scotland and Northern Ireland and have been put in place earlier this week.

A further snow and ice yellow warning has been issued for Friday which encompasses large areas of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

It states: “Frequent sleet and snow showers may lead to some difficult driving conditions and disruption to travel on Friday morning”.

The Met Office warns that some roads and railways will have some icy patches and are likely to be affected with longer journey times.

It also tweeted: “A cold and frosty start for many Wednesday morning, with some icy stretches around. Stay weather aware”.

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Drivers are, however, always urged to have de-icer and a scraper in their car or have it readily available for when the temperatures do drop.

Denton Brock, Head of Your Red Car, the online auto marketplace powered by Santander, commented on the weather warnings and what drivers need to do to protect themselves.

He said: “Driving safely in the winter can be a challenge, with the colder weather presenting serious hazards.

“Even the most experienced drivers can easily be caught out by the treacherous conditions on the roads, so being prepared and driving carefully is more important than ever.

“Fortunately, there are measures we can take to combat the winter roads – from keeping our windscreens clean, to distancing ourselves from other drivers where possible.

“Fortunately, tyre technology has also advanced to a point that we should feel safer when driving in challenging conditions.

“Road safety is incredibly important here at Your Red Car and we strive to educate our customers via guides and tips to ensure they can drive safely and keep themselves and loved ones safe.”

Your Red Car advises drivers to conduct a number of checks before setting off, especially when weather warnings have been issued.

With temperatures dropping, they advise ensuring that engine coolant and windscreen wash are topped-up at the right dilution levels.

Winter tyres are also suggested as they will dramatically improve grip and stability when ambient temperatures are less than seven degrees.


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