Frost blamed for 'hampering' Brexit Britain's ability to cut tax and deregulate laws


Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib told GB News that Lord Frost, the former Chief Brexit negotiator has played a pivotal role in preventing the UK from achieving enough independence from the bloc and for what he argued was not allowing the country to realise its potential to cut taxes in the UK in a post-Brexit world.

He also added how the process of Brexit is not over and must not be considered “binary” as he argued Britain must continue in its “fight” to achieve more opportunities to deregulate from the EU.

Mr Habib noted how in the former Brexit Chief negotiator’s resignation letter, Lord Frost stressed how the Government had not delivered a policy programme of “smaller state, lower regulation, lower taxation”.

But Mr Habib turned the crosshairs back onto Lord Frost hammering that he is to blame for the issue of preventing Britain from enjoying lower regulation and taxation outside of the EU.

He said: “Lord Frost himself tied us into a trade and cooperation agreement requiring us to align ourselves with EU state aid laws, competition laws, environmental laws, employment laws…

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“The ability for the UK to deregulate, to have a small state, to cut taxes, is materially hampered by the very deal that Lord Frost and Boris Johnson claimed delivered Brexit!”

He noted how as a result of Lord Frost’s deal, Britain is now ”committed by international treaty” to many of the EU’s regulations as it was before.

Mr Habib suggested how instead Brexit has not in fact been fully achieved and more work needs to be done to rid the shackles of various regulations as negotiated by Lord Frost.

He explained despite the Brexit deal, Britain is “still stuck” in what he branded as a “lunar orbit” around the EU.

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“And to chart an independent trade policy for the United Kingdom.”

Lord Frost resigned from the Government earlier this month over his anger at the direction the Conservative Government was heading in.

He was also a critic of vaccine passports and the move to implement high taxation in Britain. 

In his resignation letter, he thanked Mr Johnson adding that “Brexit is now secure” but that “the challenge for the Government now is to deliver on the opportunities it gives us”.


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