FURIOUS grieving dad blames anti-vaxxers as 'they fill up' bulk of hospital beds


The father has launched a venomous attack on anti-vaxxers, holding them and the government accountable for his daughter Susann Sullivan’s tragic death from COVID-19 after a short 10-day long illness.

Jon Sullivan blamed anti-vaxxers for occupying most beds in hospitals which forced his sick daughter to wait for up to eight hours for one to free up and the inundated ambulance to finally arrive.

Mr Sullivan hit out at anti-vaxxers for taking up hospital beds out of ignorance, as they stubbornly refuse to get jabbed.

It has been revealed that booster jabs reduce the likelihood of hospital admissions to 88%.

With that in mind, he looked no further than anti-vaxxers and the government when identifiying the culprits, saying: “The doctors and the nurses didn’t create the bed shortages.

“The government did!

“And now, we’ve got all these people filling up ICU beds because they made the choice not to have a vaccine.


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“They chose not to have their vaccine.

“Susan did not have that choice!”

His seriously ill daughter’s distress and pain were palpable and, with each passing minute, the chances of recovery where dwindling while survival hung seriously in the balance.

Talking to GB News, he fought back tears as he recounted the family’s agony at having to wait for the emergency services to show up while Susann’s state dramatically deteriorating by the minute.


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To the pair’s anger, they were not even allowed to visit her and stayed in touch with her over the phone before their worst fears were confirmed little over a day later.

More than a 150,000 people have passed away after testing positive for COVID-19.

A sobbing Mr Sullivan said that the family is planning a memorial as he paid tribute to his “always positive and bubbly” late daughter, whose life was tragically cut short at the age of 56.

He said: “She was positive, she was bubbly, she was an Olympic swimming champion, special Olympics!

“She was just a buzzing, buzzing, buzzing human being.

“She was always dancing, always on the go, she was lovely, she was our life.

“I [now] know how these other people feel, do you know what I mean? But until it happens to you, you don’t know.”

Mrs Ida added: “As soon as she heard my voice she said: ‘Mummy, mummy I don’t like it’, and that was it, she was so distraught by then, she couldn’t speak to us.”


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