Furious woman left with 'pink' turkey red-faced after Butcher reveals she ordered gammon


Zoe went on her angry rant towards NL Woodcock Butchers in Oldham, Greater Manchester over Facebook. During this rant, she proclaimed she was “very disappointed” with what she believed was the turkey she bought.

After trying to cook the ham, it continued to be “very, very pink inside” – prompting concerns that it may be raw.

From this, the family were forced to have Christmas dinner “two hours late with no meat”.

She wrote to the butcher on Facebook to question why this occurred.

Zoe messaged: “So we cooked the big 12lb turkey yesterday and when we carved it, it was still very, very pink inside so we had to put it back in the oven.

“One hour later we got it back out again but still pink my husband carved it and all and put it back in because we thought it would cook quicker like this.

“Eventually we gave up and had Christmas dinner two hours late with no meat.

“Very disappointed I have to say.”

Neil from the butchers replied: “Hi Zoe we are sorry to hear about that but looking at your previous messages you ordered the hamper 6 which was the full gammon joint and didn’t come with the turkey.”

But typically, Zoe replied with a sincere apology to the butchers for her error.

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“Hope all the family get well soon.”

The butchers shared the hilarious exchange on Facebook for all to see and enjoy.

They wrote: “Looking after our customers.

“Sorry Zoe but we thought it was funny.”

But Twitter users were left in stitches at the messages sent by Zoe.

Faye Montford wrote: “She never ordered one let alone know the difference.”

Alan Travis simply tweeted: “Priceless.”

Zoe did see the funny side in all the comments, as she herself replied: “I’m so pleased everyone has had a massive laugh at our stupidity.”


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