Furious Xi Jinping 'feels misled' over Russian war as China could deal final blow to Putin


Xi Jinping feels “misled” by Vladimir Putin after the Russian President had promised the Chinese leader a “quick, effective and efficient” takeover in Ukraine. China’s potential break with Russia could be the ultimate blow for President Putin. The war waged by Russia in Ukraine has entered its 11th day as Russian forces continue to come up against fierce Ukrainian resistance.

Speaking to GB News, Steve Tsang, the director of the SOAS China Institute, said that the Chinese leader’s relationship with his Russian counterpart is increasingly “strained”.

He said: “The Chinese Government is staying quiet because Xi Jinping was misled when Putin was in China.

“He was under the assumption that whatever Putin was going to do would happen after the Olympics – which was true – but also that it would not impact China’s interest in Ukraine.

“This implied that whatever Russia wanted to do would have to be very quick, very effective and very efficient.”

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Mr Tsang added: “This means a change of government in Ukraine from one that is already friendly to China to one that is under Russian control and even more friendly to China.”

He then referenced the meeting between the two leaders last month, when they declared that the friendship between their countries has “no limits”.

The China expert said: “The failure of Putin to deliver means that China has found some limits in its ‘unlimited friendship’ with the Russians.”

He added that the relationship was becoming increasingly “strained” and pointed to an existing split at the top of the Chinese Communist Party over Russia.

However, in a sign of China backing away from Russia, Chinese-based company TikTok has said it will suspend live-streaming in Russia amid the country’s new “fake news” law.

Also this week, a China-led development bank suspended all business with Russia and Belarus.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) said it put all activities related to the two countries on hold in light of “the evolving economic and financial situation”.

The announcement comes after several Chinese state-owned financial institutions, including the Bank of China, ceased financing for deals involving Russian commodities.


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