Gardening guru's guide to dealing with slugs after slug pellet ban – frogs and 'strulch'


Rebecca, who has appeared on Gardeners’ World, runs the Instagram account @gardenthirtythree. On it, the Garden Design student shares tips for gardeners of all abilities.

She spoke with about the common enemy of gardeners, slugs.

The gastropods are slimy creatures who love to nibble on your leaves.

Sadly, this does no good for your plants. Thankfully, Rebecca shared a guide to get rid of slugs in your garden.

Rebecca said: “Frogs are a gardeners best friend, and they will eat the slugs for you.”

Frogs are a natural predator for slugs. They find slugs delicious, and will hunt them out of your garden.

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“It doesn’t have to be a big pond, just something the frogs can access and they will help keep slug damage to a minimum.”

Another strategy Rebecca uses is “strulch”. She said: “Strulch is also brilliant for keeping slugs away.”

So, what exactly is “strulch”? The gardener explained: “This is a mulching material you add to the top of your borders and will also help with weed suppression.

“Some slug damage is normal, but the goal is to stop an entire plant from being stripped!”

Recently, Rebecca shared a tip for cutting the grass she claims is essential for avoiding yellow grass. 

She said: “The secret to really lush thick grass is to cut it regularly on a longer setting.

“When you cut the grass it encourages it to release a growth hormone which leads to thicker shoots.

“We cut our lawn twice per week on a long setting, so it doesn’t take much length off but will help to thicken it up.”


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