GB news: Boris Johnson must declare ‘all-out war’ on cost of living crisis to regain trust


The Prime Minister won the backing of Tory MPs by 211 votes to 148 – leaving allies to say it is now time to move on from questions about his leadership but critics to claim that the scale of the revolt means he should quit. It was a bigger rebellion against the PM than that suffered by his predecessor Theresa May in 2018, months before she was finally ousted.

Suggesting ways on how Mr Johnson can save his leadership, Mr Goodwin told GB News’s Dan Wootton: “I have spent a last couple of days speaking to Red Wall MPs and they made a very important point: they want to go out and defend the Prime Minister.

“They want to go out and defend the Government but they feel that they haven’t got the Conservative policies they need in order to be able to do that.

“I think what he needs to do is to declare an all-out war on the cost of living crisis.

“He has to go back to what he was promising people in the 2019 manifesto that a low-tax Conservative Government was going to reduce the size of the state.

“It was going to unleash the productivity and entrepreneurial spirit of the UK and I think they really lost sight of that original mission.

“He has got to lower the tax burden. The biggest tax burden since 1950.

“He has got to stop looking at things like environmental levies. He has got to look at cooperation tax and VATs. He has to start looking at the institutions.”

Mr Johnson is expected to give a joint speech with Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, in the coming days to set out their plans for boosting economic growth.

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