GB news: Boris savaged for ‘using’ Ukraine to ‘save his own skin’ amid partygate fines


Mr Johnson, his wife and the Chancellor all apologised on Tuesday and confirmed they had paid the fines imposed by the Metropolitan Police over a party held on June 19, 2020, to mark the PM’s 56th birthday. Since then, there have been calls for the 57-year-old Prime Minister to resign from his post.

Speaking about the whole incident, Dan Wootton asked the GB News guest whether forcing Mr Johnson out of office would be bad for Britain.

Mr Wootton asked on GB news: “We are in the middle of the cost of living crisis, we are in the middle of the war in Europe.

“We are coming out of the pandemic recovery.

“Surely, a Tory leadership contest at the moment, which would involve many Cabinet ministers in really important positions would be disastrous for the country.”

Responding to his question, journalist Nina Myskow outrightly dismissed the fact that the move will be “disastrous” for the country.

She completely refused to accept the apology made by Mr Johnson over the fine issued to him.

She said: “He is a Prime Minister that you cannot trust. He is a known liar.

“His apology last night was absolutely pitiful. He is reading it from a piece of paper like that. If you are sincere and honest in your apology, you don’t need a piece of paper.

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