GB News: Boris should stay to prevent further lockdowns – ‘Better the devil you know’


He said: “Because Boris has now been caught bang to rights refusing to comply with the lockdown rules it makes it politically impossible for him to ask the rest of us to comply with those rules again.

“He would just look like such a screaming hypocrite if he tried to put the country back into lockdown.

“If he imposed any more lockdown restrictions when he has been busted for breaking those restrictions himself.

“He can’t now ask the country to observe laws that we now know he himself didn’t observe, so that’s reason number one.

“Reason number two is you know if he was replaced I think you can guarantee that whoever replaced him would be more of a lockdown hawk than him.

“If it was Jeremy Hunt, for instance, we’d all be locking down again tomorrow.”

At this point Dan Wootton interjected laughing about the very thought.

He said: “I can’t cope with that thought. That’s going to give me nightmares.”

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“He was told he needed to reimpose restrictions in a much bigger way than he did over Christmas.

“He was told to essentially put us into a fourth lockdown by all the same doom mongers that warned him not to lift the restrictions on July 19.

“All the same apocalyptic predictions, once again he ignored them.

“Once again he was proved right to ignore them and now I think he has the confidence to ignore them in future. Which is why he’s embraced this living with Covid strategy.

“So I think we need to give him our support at this critical time, difficult though it is, because better the devil you know.”


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