GB News: Kamala Harris slammed as 'incompetent and lazy' by Biden-voting commentator


American author Lionel Shriver, 64, joined Dan Wootton, 38, on GB News yesterday. Discussing the decision taken by Joe Biden, 79, to bring in Kamala Harris, 57, as his running-mate, the Spectator columnist tore into the Vice President.

When asked by Mr Wootton if Ms Harris had been an “incompetent diversity hire”, the Brexit-backing but Biden-voting commentator said: “Indeed. She can’t think on her feet.

“She’s got some kind of nervous problem with her laugh.

“Although I’ve noticed lately in her appearances, I think they’ve really tried to get control of this tick of hers. She’s really sober-sided.”

Ms Shriver, who confessed to having been a registered Democrat since she turned 18, went on to describe her laugh as “grating” and suggested the former Californian Senator “uses it to bide time”.

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But Ms Shriver, who warned in November that Ms Harris could likely face 75-year-old Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential race, also criticised the Vice President on policy.

“She’s done absolutely nothing useful on the Southern border,” Shriver said.

“She’s weirdly lazy, in that she took forever to go down there to see what’s happening for herself.

“Everyone who works for her quits, that’s not a good sign.”

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In comparison, Mr Biden’s currently sits at -10.5 percent and Mr Trump’s at just -8.5 percent.

A recent Redfield & Wilton survey also found Mr Trump has opened up a three point lead over Ms Harris in general election polling.

The same survey put Trump and Biden neck-and-neck.


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