GB News: Nigel Farage bashes Boris’s latest bid to tackle migrant crisis – ‘Total waste’


Speaking on GB News, Nigel Farage, 57, former UKIP leader, bashed Boris Johnson’s, 57, plans for the Royal Navy to help the Border Force and use it as a “taxi service”. The former UKIP leader’s comments come after Home Secretary Priti Patel, 49, confirmed she asked the Ministry of Defence to put the Royal Navy in charge of policing small boats crossing the Channel.

The number of people who made the crossing last year was three times the number of 2020.

Over the past two weeks, a staggering 773 people have reached Britain by boat, which is more than the total for the first two months of last year.

On November 24, at least 27 people died after their boat sank, marking the largest single loss of life in the Channel since records began in 2014.

Speaking on GB News on Wednesday night, Mr Farage said: “It is a total waste of Royal naval resources.

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However, Charles questioned: “What is GBNEWS going to do to stop this obvious problem? They obviously have a better plan ,when will it be released?”

Similarly, taking to Twitter, Christine wrote: “What does Mr Farage suggest as a solution?”

The former leader of the Brexit party went on to claim the Royal navy will act as a “taxi service”.

Mr Farage continued: “Unless the rules of engagement, mainly that we can actually physically take people back to France, and that’s not being done, all you’re doing is replacing the border force taxi service with the Royal naval taxi service.”

“This is the time when Putin is on the verge of invading Ukraine – and there is a naval component in the Black sea.

“This is the time when China is becoming ever more bellicose about Taiwan.

“And this is the time when the Royal Navy after 11 years of our Conservative Government has been slashed to the bone.”


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