GB News presenter demands BBC licence fee to be scrapped – ‘Nothing short of a disgrace’


“The corporation’s credibility has been shot, it’s a BBC that hates Britain shown by the decision to axe Land, Hope and Glory from the Proms and the opening mocking of the Union Jack by two of its high-profile presenters.”

Ongoing negotiations between the Government and the BBC over the cost of the annual fee until the end of 2027 have concluded with Nadine Dorries announcing the licence fee will stay static at £159 for the following two years.

Ms Dorries intends to keep the fee flat at £159 for a colour licence until April 2024, which would lead to a severe cut to the corporation’s funding.

However, Mr Wootton had great news for patriotic GB News viewers.

He said: “Despite massive demand the BBC has refused to play the national anthem to close it’s programmes on BBC One.

“After we discussed the issue on the show last week there was overwhelming demand from our brilliant viewers for us to take up the mantle.

“Therefore, I’m delighted to say that GB News will play God Save the Queen from 5.59 am to launch our live programming.”

Mr Wootton’s tirade comes on the back of an announcement in Parliament by Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries that the BBC licence fee will be frozen for two years before being phased out completely by 2027. 

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