GB News: Putin health may be at risk as doctor predicts thyroid issues and cancer


He said: “It’s very common in east Europe and Russia due to Chernobyl.

“For some reason the thyroid was particularly susceptible to the radiation and caused cancer.

“However, I don’t think that per se would be the cause of his problems.

“Looking at him very carefully, we note that this man is known to be proud of his physique. He likes doing judo and riding horses bareback etc.

“He has for this taken these steroids and these are known to basically destabilise rage if taken for a long time and I believe he has been taking them for a long time.

“Also due to his judo etc, it is claimed that he has a very bad back and you can tell this by the way he walks.

“If he has had a very bad back for a long time, he is likely to have taken opiates which is a painkiller which had some effect on him.

“Now, with regards to the thyroid the treatment for it basically just leads to under activity. 

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“Where he’s followed not just by a thyroid cancer specialist but that he’s being followed by a neurosurgeon.

“This would actually fit if they are concerned if they have something more.

“So the thyroid cancer may well be a red herring and I don’t think it’s got anything to do with his behaviour and aggression.”


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