GB News: Sturgeon slammed over ‘fantasy’ referendum U-turn – ‘Come on Nicola!’


Speaking to GB News Ms Widdecombe tore apart the first minister’s claim that Scots wanted Independence arguing “she doesn’t have a substantial majority for independence.”  Ms Widdecombe went on to argue that the SNP leader was backing away from a second referendum because she knew the economic argument for independence was weak.

She said: “What are they going to trade in? The Bank of England said they can’t trade in sterling.

“They said that last time. The European bank wasn’t that keen in letting them trade in Europe either. Come on Nicola!”

Responding to Ms Widdecombe’s comments, host Dan Wootton destroyed the First Minister’s case for Independence claiming that she was prolonging covid restrictions to avoid another referendum.

He said: “The whole project is a fantasy that is why she has wanted to extend the coronavirus crisis the more she can blame it for delaying Indyref 2.

“She got Omicron terribly wrong and has committed self-harm to large parts of the Scottish economy but isn’t held to account by the mainstream media”.

Ms Widdecombe responded by arguing that Nicola Sturgeon has diverged from England in terms of covid restrictions for political reasons.

She said: “Whatever she does she mustn’t do what England are doing, generally something much harsher, something more restrictive .”

However, Ms Widdecombe argued that by continuing tough covid restrictions the First Minister was potentially putting herself at political risk. 

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“At the moment I think most people buy into the argument ‘come on’ this is not the time to foster instability and doubts about the future.”


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