German newspaper mocks UK – claims 'Brexit is banned in Downing Street'


Despite remaining a key economic and strategic ally, one German news outlet has suggested “every piece of positive news” from the UK “is sold as a result of Brexit”. Although multiple EU states are suffering similar difficulties, such as shortages due to a lack of lorry drivers and supply chain issues, an opinion piece for Merkur claims the Cabinet will not blame Brexit. The piece reads: “The word ‘Brexit’ seems to be banned in Downing Street.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet regularly deny that leaving the EU is responsible for the problems.

“Rather, they insist that Britain, like many other countries, is hit by the consequences of the pandemic.

“The government has no interest in dealing with Brexit, says Ulrich Hoppe, head of the German-British Chamber of Commerce in London, to the German press agency dpa.

“On the contrary: Instead, every piece of positive news is sold as a result of Brexit and freedom from the regulatory framework of the EU.”

The comment piece also took aim at the UK’s bombshell new trade agreement with Australia.

Despite negotiating the landmark deal, the comment piece says: “Prime Minister Johnson recently hailed a free trade agreement with Australia.

“It is the first deal that London completely renegotiated after Brexit.

“Compared to the losses in EU trade, the treaty is more like a drop in the ocean.

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“So what we’d be looking at here is over time some of the EU imports lost due to Brexit being replaced by Australian imports.

“We can see the evidence, that sales of British beef international are growing to places like Asia-Pacific and the United States because people want to buy high quality British products produced in a high animal welfare way.”

It is also thought the deal will further progress the UK’s pursuit to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Ms Trevelyan said: “Our UK-Australia trade deal is a landmark moment in the historic and vital relationship between our two Commonwealth nations.

“This agreement is tailored to the UK’s strengths, and delivers for businesses, families, and consumers in every part of the UK – helping us to level up.

“We will continue to work together in addressing shared challenges in global trade, climate change and technological changes in the years ahead.

“Today we demonstrate what the UK can achieve as an agile, independent sovereign trading nation.

“This is just the start as we get on the front foot and seize the seismic opportunities that await us on the world stage.”


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