Get Bose noise-cancelling headphones HALF PRICE on Amazon today (but be quick!)


The renowned audio brand positioned the newly-launched Bose 700s above the QC 35 IIs, thanks to the sleek modern design, the ability to pair to two devices at once, boosted noise-cancellation, and support for Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant (the QC 35 IIs only have support for the latter, which is great for Android users… but not anyone else).

Bose 700s boast 11 levels of active noise cancelling – cutting out the rumble of the train carriage on your commute, the hum of the photocopier beside your desk, or the groan of a jet engine on your next flight.

Noise-cancellation lets you enjoy podcasts, music, radio, or watch a boxset or movie on your phone without the need to crank up the volume to damaging levels. The bundled adapter means you’ll be able to use the Bose 700s with an in-flight entertainment system on your next long haul journey.


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