'Get off your bikes!' Cyclist fury erupts at UK driver's 'extreme' attack on children


Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2 presenter, posted onto social media a picture of a cycle lane being built in Chiswick. The broadcaster has long been an advocate for safer riding, but he also noted a motorist hurling abuse at young children after posting the cycle lane.

At around 8am on Wednesday, Mr Vine said it was “great to see” a cycle lane “coming on in Chiswick — improving safety, allowing kids to cycle, reducing pollution, increasing footfall in the shops, calming traffic”.
He then posted in a reply a video of a driver shouting at a group of children on bikes while driving.
Mr Vine said: “This behaviour — shouting ‘GET OFF YOUR BIKES!’ at a group of children out cycling — was extreme.
“But in a way he made the case for the cycle lane with this shameful outburst.”

Social media users mocked the man’s outburst at the young cyclists.

Twitter user, @drewsnx, said: “Do you think he shouts at cyclists who ride 2 abreast? He looks the type.”

It comes after Mr Vine took issue with a social media user who tore into cyclists who ride in the middle of the road.

The BBC presenter said: “Dear drivers sitting behind cyclists in the middle of the road: their safety is more important than your punctuality.

“If you don’t like being late, leave home earlier. Thank-you.”

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It also comes after research from Avaris Bikes found there was a total of 12,252 crashes ‘involving a car and cycle’ in London since 2019 – with 4,169 in 2021, 4,143 in 2020 and 3,940 in 2019.

Paul Biggs, from the Alliance of British Drivers, said around 15 to 20 percent of cyclists had never passed a driving test or Highway Code theory test.

He told Express.co.uk: “It seems crazy to allow cyclists on the roads with no requirement to have at least passed a cycling proficiency test or to have even read the Highway Code.

“If the Government are genuinely interested in cycling safety, then it’s bizarre that untrained cyclists are still allowed on the roads.”



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